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RAS Foundation
RAS Foundation

Created in 2007, the RAS Foundation is helping to build strong, vibrant rural and regional communities by providing a range of grants and scholarships for education and community development.

A critical issue facing society today is that more and more rural Australians are missing out on quality education and not learning the new skills that rural communities are crying out for. Our educational scholarships give a helping hand to students wishing to pursue their tertiary ambitions and bring new skills to their communities.

The RAS Foundation also works to bring communities together, by providing capacity building grants to fund ideas and projects that will result in enhanced social and economic outcomes in country New South Wales.

Imagine a world in which a mother from a rural area can access the funds she needs to re-train as a teacher or nurse, where a student heading off to university for the first time has some extra support to ease the burden of going it alone, or where a community struggling with drought receives a grant that brings vitality to their town and helps them get back on their feet. By offering funding, support and encouragement, we can help guarantee that our rural communities are strong and vibrant now and into the future. This is the world that the RAS Foundation is helping to create..

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