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The first competitions for dogs were held way back in 1869 at the Agricultural Society Show and included Greyhounds, Pointers, Bloodhounds and Beagles.

In 1901 the judging included a category for dog biscuits! And the highly coveted ‘Best in Show’ trophy wasn’t introduced until 1931.

These days, more than 150 years on and the dog judging lawns are still an action-packed celebration of wagging tails, during what has become the most prestigious canine competition in Australia.

For the thousands of Australians who enter each year, the ADVANCE™ Sydney Royal Dog Show provides the opportunity to showcase and compete their dogs among the cream of the crop for Sydney Royal glory.


Entries Open

11 April - 22 April 2025

Sydney Royal Easter Show


Proudly sponsored by

Proudly sponsored by

Imported Dogs

In order to enter your imported dog, you must contact the Coordinator at for an entry form once entries open.

Breed Specialties

If your club is interested in holding a Breed Specialty at the Show, please contact the Coordinator at Exhibitors will need to contact their breed club for information regarding entering the competition. The RAS will provide the Venue, Officials and Judges and Prizes.

Dog Grooming Competition

If you're interested in exhibiting in our Dog Grooming competition, please visit the link Amayzing Grooming Show to find the schedule and online application.

For further information about the competition, please contact the Coordinator at


Exhibitor Manual

All Exhibitors are issued with an Exhibitor Manual. This will be posted out after the final closing dates. The Exhibitor Manual contains information relevant to Exhibitor's time on site and their specific Competition.

It covers topics such as precinct access, entry passes and paperwork required, parking and passes, arrival and access times, event details and information, loading and unloading details and Exhibitor amenities.



Parking for Dog Exhibitors is in car park P5A, which is located on the corner of Bennelong Road and Holker Street. Car park P5A is accessible 24 hours. The Parking Pass is only valid for the date displayed on the pass.

Disabled parking is available in car park P5 to any drivers displaying the standard disability stickers required for any parking area. There is no need for additional passes or tickets.

Exhibitors are required to return to the Showground by foot along Holker Street and Australia Avenue and re-enter the Showground through the Exhibit Entry Gate 10 upon producing a One-Day Entry Pass.


Bump In

Benching of exhibits commences at 6.30am daily. The pavilion will not be open before 6.30am each morning. Exhibitors are reminded that it is a condition of entry that exhibits must be benched during the following hours:

Breed Classes:  9am to 5pm

Obedience Classes: 8am to 2pm

Agility Classes: 7:30am to 5pm

Handlers Classes: 10am to 2pm (Dogs used in the Handlers Class must be benched by 9:00am)


Bump Out

Dogs may not be removed from the Howie Complex before 5pm unless in exceptional circumstances, authorised in writing from the Cheif Steward only. This is a condition of entry for Sydney Royal and must be ahered to.

There will be an announcement made concerning the time and order of departure each day.

Exhibitors will be advised when they are permitted to collect their vehicles from the P5 car park. They should return to P5A car park by foot and drive to the Showground via the same route as per the morning drop off to the parking area (via Hill Road, Marjorie Jackson Parkway and Australian Avenue). The collection area is the same as the morning drop off area, and is accessible between 5pm and 6pm daily.

Security staff will be on duty directing Exhibitors to ensure the delivery and collection of Exhibits is conducted in a safe and timely manner. All instructions provided by our security staff MUST be followed. Your patience and cooperation with our security staff is appreciated.

Drivers must not leave their vehicles unattended.


The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW gratefully acknowledges donations, prizes and trophies awarded throughout the Dog Competitions at the 2024 Sydney Royal Easter Show from the following:




Alan Hunt
Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW Inc
Blacktown Kennel & Training Club Inc
Brush Farm Dog Training Club Inc
Central Coast Dog Obedience & Training Club Inc
Deer Bush Dog Training Club
Dog News Australia
Dogs NSW
Esme & Wayne O'Driscoll
Louise Patterson & Jacqueline Dixon
Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club Inc
Patricia & Anthony Sherlock
Penrith Kennel & Obedience Club Inc
Schnauzer Club of NSW
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society of NSW Inc
Working Dog Club of NSW Inc

Toy Breeds: Affenpinschers, Italian Greyhounds & Miniature Pinschers.
Terrier Breeds & Terrier Group Specials.
Hound Breeds (less Afghan Hounds, Azawakh, Deerhounds, Finnish Spitz, Irish Wolfhounds, Norwegian Elkhounds & Salukis) & Hound Group Specials.
Working Breeds & Working Group Specials.
Utility Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dogs.
Best Puppy in Show, Best Owner-Breeder-Handler.

While Shawn began judging in 2012, his involvement with purebred dogs goes right back to the early 1980’s when he attended his first show.

As a professional handler of all breeds, Shawn has also bred and shown Wire Fox Terriers, and Scottish Terriers, as well as Toy and Miniature Poodles under the Typecast prefix, and Whippets under Brushwood. His commitment to the sport has also allowed him the opportunity of working with professional handlers including Mark and Sally George, Tim Brazier, Mark Shanoff and Carol Graham.

Shawn has served on the board of several clubs, is the Chairman of the Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience Club and in 2007 purchased and assumed responsibility for the ‘Terrier Type’ magazine.

Shawn received his ‘all breeds’ judging status in 2022 and believes it’s a privilege and great responsibility to critique dogs to their breed standard and against their competitors. He’s had the honour of judging in the USA, Korea, Mexico, Chile, Columbia and Australia.

Gundog Breeds (less Bracco Italiano, Irish Setters, Pointers, Weimaraners & Weimaraner Long-Haired) & Gundog Group Specials.
Non Sporting Breeds (less Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Terriers & Xoloitzcuintle) & Non Sporting Group Specials.
Utility Breeds (less Bernese Mountain Dogs & Samoyeds) & Utility Group Specials.
Best Neuter in Show, Best in Show.

Laurent has a long and distinguished association with the dog world, having bred his first litter under the Vigie prefix at the age of 15.

This was an Irish Setter litter and since then his passion has expanded to include American Cocker Spaniels, having bred more than 300 Show Champions across 40 years.

Laurent’s ‘Very Vigie’ Kennel has had a strong influence in Europe, his biggest win achieved in November 2015 with Very Vigie I Don’t Know designated as Eukanuba World Champion in Amsterdam. 

Laurent’s home bred American Cocker Spaniels have won many world titles over the years and in 2014, Very Vigie was elected ‘Top Breeder’ (all breeds) in Finland. Laurent’s breeding program has also included Pugs, Maltese and Weimaraners.

Laurent’s judging career began in 1978, he is licenced for All Breeds and has officiated at some of the world’s most prestigious shows in countries including the USA, China, South America, and Australia.

Toy Breeds (less Affenpinschers, Italian Greyhounds & Miniature Pinschers) & Toy Group Specials.
Gundog Breeds: Bracco Italiano, Irish Setters, Pointers, Weimaraners & Weimaraner Long-Haired.
Hound Breeds: Afghan Hounds, Azawakh, Deerhounds, Finnish Spitz, Irish Wolfhounds, Norwegian Elkhounds & Salukis.
Non Sporting Breeds: Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Terriers & Xoloitzcuintle.
Utility Breeds: Samoyeds.
Best Baby Puppy in Show, Best Breeders Group in Show, Junior Handlers

Juha has been involved with pedigree dogs since he was a child, breeding his first Löwchen litter in 1983 and his first Lhasa Apso litter two years later. 

His passion for dogs saw him establish the renowned Chic Choix Kennels in Finland, specialising in Lhasa Apsos. He has also bred Irish Setters, Deerhounds and King Charles Spaniels with more than 650 Champions around the world, over 160 Best in Group 1st winners and some 70 All Breed Best in Show winners.

Chic Choix has bred a record of more than 50 World Winners and bred or owned BIG/BIS winners in Bichon Frises, Maltese, Norrbottenspets, Greyhounds, Azawakhs, Alaskan Malamutes, Sealyham Terriers and Bracco Italianos. Many champions have also been named among the Kennel’s Tibetan Spaniels, Griffons, Smooth Fox Terriers, Australian Silky Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers.

As a published author, Juha has written two books on pedigree dogs along with countless magazine articles. 

Juha has served as the President of the Finnish Dog Breeders Association and became a Judge in 2002, officiating at shows across the world. His lives by the motto ‘joie de vivre’ with hobbies including photography, travelling, and spending time in nature.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Canine Hero Awards are a celebration of ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

Every year amongst our canine companions, heroes emerge, having performed remarkable feats that reinforce how incredibly fortunate we are to have them.

From astonishing acts of bravery, to keeping communities safe and transforming the lives of people with special needs, these heroes are ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Canine Hero Awards aim to acknowledge and honour these deserving dogs at a presentation to be held during the ADVANCE™ Sydney Royal Dog Show, ‘Best in Show’ Day at the 2024 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Entries are open to NSW residents across two categories:

- The Companion Dog Award recognises dogs trained for support or assistance work, or even treasured pets, who have demonstrated the canine-human bond in an extraordinary manner.
- The Service Dog Award is open to canines who have displayed exemplary commitment while on duty for a service or government organisation.

Applicants wishing to enter the 2024 Canine Hero Awards, will need to fill out the entry form available on the right hand side, and send to , with a high-resolution picture of the dog and its owner.

Entries will close on Friday 26 January, 2024.

Do you have a Cavoodle, a Labradoodle or a Groodle? Perhaps a Maltipoo, a Spoodle or a Shih Poo!

It's the 'Oodles' time to shine at the 2024 Sydney Royal Easter Show and we're encouraging all owners of these cute pooches to get involved.

The inaugural Sydney Royal 'Oodles on Show' proudly sponsored by ADVANCE™ is a celebration of one of Australia's most popular designer dog breeds and takes place on Tuesday 2nd April. You can enter your Oodle in classes including 'Most Handsome Male', 'Prettiest Female', 'Cutest Puppy', 'Golden Oldie', 'Best Groomed' and 'Fancy Dress'.

'Oodles on Show' is all about having fun and showing off your fluffy four-legged friend. It's a chance to walk away with bragging rights and prizes, and see the 'bestest' Oodle boys and girls presented with a shiny Sydney Royal rosette!

Click on 'Enter now' to your right to be part of this exciting novelty competition. The process will involve;

  • Creating a 'MyRAS' account (which you will validate via an email link)
  • Registering yourself as an Exhibitor (Click 'Register new Exhibitor online)
  • Entering the competition (select 'Oodles on Show')

If you have any problems during this process, please don't hesitate to call us on 02 9704 1007 or 02 9704 1351. Georgia or Samantha from our Domestic Animals Team will be happy to help you with your online entry step by step.

After entries have closed on February 7 we will be in touch, and you will receive a special Exhibitor pack in the mail containing everything you need for a great day, including passes, maps and competition information.

We can't wait to see you and your Oodle at the 2024 Sydney Royal Easter Show so enter now!


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