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The first record of aviary birds being exhibited at the Sydney Royal Easter Show was in 1869 and more than 150 years on, our feathered friends remain a favourite for Show-goers.

Did you know that birds are among the top three most popular pets in the world? They include the Australian Budgerigar which was introduced to Europe in the 1800's by English voyagers travelling home from Australia by ship.

At the Sydney Royal Easter Show the Aviary Bird display is an explosion of colour and birdsong every day of the Show, with hundreds of species on display including the always popular tame Parrots.

For Exhibitors, the two-day competition is an opportunity to showcase Australian Aviculture and excellence in breeding, while competing for coveted Sydney Royal competition success.

Early January 2024

Entries Open

31 January 2024

Entries Close

27 March - 28 March 2024

Sydney Royal Aviary Bird Show

22 March -2 April 2024

Sydney Royal Aviary Bird & Tame Parrot Display

22 March 2024 - 2 April 2024

Sydney Royal Easter Show



All birds must be exhibited in an approved show cage with standard floor covering, provided with sufficient feed for the duration of the Show and fitted with an appropriate drinker.

Exhibits must be delivered to Hall 3 - Pet Pavilion between 6.30pm to 9pm Tuesday 26 March 2024 or Wednesday 27 March 2024. Benching will be from 7am to 8am.

Aviary Birds may not be removed from the Pavilion until all the staging has been removed on Thursday 28 March 2024 unless a veterinary certificate is produced stating that the bird is not fit to remain on the bench or approval has been obtained from the Chief Steward.


Exhibitor Manual

All Exhibitors are issued with an Exhibitor Manual. This will be posted out after the final closing dates. The Exhibitor Manual contains information relevant to the Exhibitor's time on site and their specific competition. It covers topics such as precinct access, entry passes and paperwork required, parking and passes, arrival and access times, event details and information, loading and unloading details and Exhibitor amenities.



Parking for Aviary Bird Exhibitors is in car park P5A, which is located on the corner of Bennelong Road and Holker Street. Car park P5A is accessible 24 hours. The Parking Pass is only valid for the date displayed on the pass.

Disabled parking is available in car park P5 to any drivers displaying the standard disability stickers required for any parking area. There is no need for additional passes or tickets.

Exhibitors are required to return to the Showground by foot along Holker Street and Australia Avenue and re-enter the Showground through the Exhibit Entry Gate 10 upon producing a One-Day Entry Pass.


Accommodation Around 10kms of Sydney Olympic Park

There are several accomodation options available in and around Sydney Olympic Park if you'd like to be close to Sydney Showground. To view these options click here.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW gratefully acknowledges donations, prizes and trophies awarded throughout the 2024 Aviary Birds Competition from the following:




Finch Society of Australia Inc

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