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Prize Supporters

Want to join the RAS Supporters Program?

Become an integral part of the Show and join our Supporters Program. Prize Supporters of Sydney Royal Competitions enjoy benefits that include free entry to the Show and written acknowledgement across a broad range of publications and websites. Supporters' prizes enhance the prestige and profile of the Competition, and provide a tangible reward for proud winners.

Prize Supporters can be individuals, clubs or associations. Most Supporters have an association or attachment to the class that they support - it might be that they have previously won that Class, or wish to encourage competition in that area.

To join up, identify the section or Class you would like to support. Decide whether a cash prize or trophy is most appropriate; then contact the Prize Coordination Centre. Prizes can be cash, gift vouchers or annual trophies.

Foster excellence at the Show and associate with success by becoming a Supporter today.


Prize Coordination Centre
Phone: 02 9704 1462