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Woodchopping & Sawing Competition
Woodchopping & Sawing Competition

Rumour has it that the first ever woodchopping competition was held between two axemen in Tasmania in 1870, betting on who could first fell a tree, but it took almost thirty years for woodchop to make its way to the Show in Sydney. More than 8,000 people packed into the cattle judging arena on the last day of the Show in 1899 to watch standing block competitions and it has been a mainstay and crowd favourite ever since.

In 1949 the RAS formed the RAS Axeman’s Association of NSW, in 1950 team relays were introduced, and in 1988 axe throwing, tree felling, and speed climbing were introduced. Not all events have lasted, but the crowd’s enjoyment of the sheer brute force of man and axe can’t be beaten.

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