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The President's Medal Alumni reads as a who's who of Australia finest Food and Beverage Producers. Explore what it takes to achieve the most coveted and prestigious Agricultural  Award in Australia.




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Gumnut Patisserie

Finalist and 14th President's Medal Winner, Southern Highlands, NSW Read more

Meredith Dairy

Finalist and 13th President's Medal Winner Meredith Dairy, VIC Marinated Feta, Sheep Goat Blend “W inning such a prestigious award has been an enormous honour. The President’s Medal win is acknowledgment of the enormous work and effort by our Meredith Dairy team... We are proud to be part of a growing enthusiasm for Australian Agribusiness, especially innovative food production from paddock to plate. Matching the growing demand for our specialty products with sustainability responsibilities has been challenging, so it is really fantastic to be recognised for meeting these challenges .” Julie and Sandy Cameron, Meredith Dairy - 13th Annual President's Medal Winner A family enterprise from Meredith, Victoria and the town's biggest private employer, Meredith Dairy has a strong focus on local community development and agricultural innovation within the dairy industry. Alongside producing highly regarded products, Meredith Dairy is constantly looking into sustainable farming practices, innovative manufacturing techniques and climate change mitigation. Meredith Dairy is constantly looking into sustainable farming practices, innovative manufacturing techniques and climate change mitigation. Read more

House of Arras

House of Arras began in 1995 as a producer of fine sparkling wine out of Tasmania. Since then then the company has continued to flourish and make its mark on the industry worldwide, particularly through its sustainability methods. Read more

Two Rivers Wines

Starting out 30 years ago in the Hunter Valley as a supplying of fruit to winemakers, the decision was made in the 2000’s to transform the company into a fully integrated winemaking concern. Read more

Brasserie Bread

12th President's Medal Winner Brasserie Bread,  NSW Finders Rangers Sprouted Wheat Loaf "We are thrilled to have been recognised as the first professional bakery and finalist to win both the RAS of NSW President’s Medal and the NSW Department of Primary Industries Innovation Award. Winning these Awards motivates us to continue with our pursuit of crafting products of high quality and integrity. This is not an individual Award but a collective recognition of the hard work and support from all our staff, farmers and industry partners who have been involved on this journey to celebrate the source. Because of their support, today we can now put a loaf of bread on the table and tell you what paddock it is from and that is extremely important!" Michael Klausen, Brasserie Bread - 12 th Annual President's Medal Winner Brasserie Bread is the realisation of a dream that began back in 1995 when Founders Michael Klausen and Tony Pappas set out to bake their first loaf of sourdough. For the past 22 years, we have built our business by incorporating the world's best thinking and honouring the values of artisan baking. Our drive for innovation led us to connect with farmers from renowned wheat districts of Australia to pioneer the use of single sourced grains in our continued pursuit of baking award-winning products of remarkable character. Nowadays, our reputation is recognised across the Eastern seaboard of Australia by foodservice partners who place quality first and share the same passion for products of distinguished flavour. Read more

Staple Bread & Necessities

Staple Bread is a ‘paddock to plate’ Sydney-based producer (Seaforth). Read more

NH Foods Australia

NH Foods is one of Australia’s largest beef producers and the largest non-government employer in the Manning Valley on the NSW Mid-North Coast. Read more

Cobram Estate

11th President's Medal Winner Cobram Estate,  VIC Ultra Premium Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil "We are really humbled and honoured to win this prestigious award," said co-founder of Cobram Estate Rob McGavin. "What we are especially proud of is that the quality of what we are able to produce at Cobram Estate is readily available to everyone in Australia at an affordable price," Rob McGavin, Cobram Estate - 11 th Annual President's Medal Winner Boundary Bend Estate, established in 1998, is the culmination of a dream for visionary horticulturists Rod McGavin and Paul Riordan. With an unwavering focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction through all facets of their business, Boundary Bend, Cobram's parent company is rapidly developing a global reputation as one of the leading players in the modern olive industry.  Critical to their success has been their ability to consistently produce premium quality extra virgin olive oil in large and growing quantities. The result is a business that is unsurpassed in the olive industry and is gaining recognition as a significant player in the international industry. Read more
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