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Poultry & Pigeon
Poultry & Pigeon

The Poultry competition was first held in 1858 and included ducks, geese, chickens and rabbits. This soon expanded to include pheasants, quail and even egg production. At various times throughout the late 1800s, the competition has included canaries, guinea pigs and even cats, although it did make perfect sense to add in turkeys in 1895.

Pigeons have come and gone from the competition over the years, but they make their long-awaited comeback for 2022, including racing pigeons.

This year the Poultry Show has two feature breeds – the Orpington and the Australorp. The Orpington was one of the first breeds of poultry introduced to Australia and although it is traditionally a table bird, they do have egg laying capacity. To improve their egg laying they were crossed with other breeds and the Australorp was born – this Australian Orpington was one of the first breeds developed on Australian soil.

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