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Exhibitor information

Dates for the 2022 Sydney Royal Horse Show - 8 April – 19 April

The 2021 Sydney Royal Horse Show Information remains on the website for your reference and details of the 2022 Show will be uploaded as updates and information comes to hand.

Exhibitor Information Guide

The 2021 Exhibitor Information Guide remains available until updated for the 2022 Show, this document has been put together to assist you in your preparation for your time at the Showground. To download a copy, please refer to the 2021 Exhibitor Information Guide in the important information block on this page.

Join the Sydney Royal Horse Show official Facebook page

This page is the official Facebook group for the Sydney Royal Horse Show.

To join, follow this link and click on the "Join group" button.


Access to Sydney Showground


As in previous years, entry tickets or correct accreditation is required to access Sydney Showground at all times. Exhibitor tickets will be mailed to you prior to your arrival on the showground.


Hendra Virus information

All exhibits from Hendra endemic postcode areas must be vaccinated for Hendra Virus, see postcode areas list to find out if this applies to you. Please refer to the Hendra Policies and Procedures document if you reside in these areas. Please follow the link in the important information block on the right hand side of this page, to find out more information.


Queensland Tick

If you have stock travelling from or through Queensland Tick infested areas, please follow the link in the important information block on the right hand side of this page, to find out more information.


Arrivals, departures and handy hints

We've compiled some helpful hints to assist in streamlining your arrival and departure to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. You can view this document from the list in the block on the right hand side of this page.


Guidelines for Performance

The 2022 Performance Guideline requirements will be updated for the 2022 Show.

Please enter all relevant performances in your online entry for the Horse Committee to assess for acceptance.

The RAS will accept all performances gained between 1 December 2020 and 24 November 2021.

Please note the following:

  • The RAS have a limited number of stables to allocate at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and stabling availability substantially determines the maximum number of Exhibits that we can accept into our Competitions.
  • The RAS has traditionally used performances gained according to its Performance Guidelines as the fairest way to select the best Exhibits and Competitors from amongst those who enter to compete at the Sydney Royal Horse Show. The RAS encourages all willing Exhibitors to enter for 2022 and the RAS Horse Committee will work to take all information into account in the fairest way possible when offering acceptances of entry for the 2022 Show.

For more information, please read the 2021 Guidelines for Performance document.  This document will be updated when information comes to hand.

Submitting your entry

Before you prepare your entry, please check:

1. You meet the Performance Guidelines
2. You have read the Judging Timetable
3. You have read the Horse Competition Schedule

Please note, all entries for the 2022 competition must be submitted online.
Entries close Monday 24 November 2021. More information on entering the Sydney Royal Horse Show can be found in the 2021 Horse Schedule.  This will be updated when it comes to hand.