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Sydney Royal Competitions encourage and reward excellence, with the aim to support a viable and prosperous future for our agricultural communities.

A message from Chair of Judges, Tiffany Beer

Australia has amazing cheese and dairy products, and it was wonderful working with the 26 Judges and Associate Judges last week judging them. The judges were supported by a terrific team of stewards and the RAS officials, and I thank all the judges, stewards, and officials for ensuring the competition proceeded smoothly and recognised outstanding products.

All products are judged by a panel of 3 judges who have training and experience with the class of products being judged. They independently score each product for appearance, texture, and flavour, with the average being the overall score. 

There are also Associate judges on each panel who have some training and experience and are learning more about the products and the judging process to ensure that there will always be a high standard of qualified independent judges, so we can be confident of the results of the competition and the prestige of winning a medal and of being a Champion Product.

The products this year are first class with 68 gold medals, 134 silver medals and 157 bronze medals awarded. Almost ¾ of the products received a medal which shows the very high standard achieved.

These results are particularly impressive given the challenges that most producers have faced over the past 16 months and are still facing with disruptions to the supply of milk and other raw materials, staff illness and delayed transport.  Most affected are the dairy farmers and manufacturers from the Northern Rivers area of NSW and Southeast Queensland who have still not recovered from the devastating floods in February and March.

Some, but not all the highlights are:

The modified milks are very good. There is ongoing improvement in the technology and skill used to make these products which is reflected in the quality, especially the lactose free products for people allergic to cow’s milk. There are also some great non-modified milks especially given the winter season. The champion milk is rich and creamy and with a delicious clean flavour.

The cheddar cheeses are very good with well-developed complex flavours and textures which reflect the different maturity of the different cheeses.The champion cheddar cheese is an excellent and very morish cheese.

As always there is a large variation in the range of speciality cheeses. The bocconcini’s entered are excellent and the fresh unripened cheeses a very high quality with good textures and fresh clean milky flavours. Other cheeses have complex flavours and textures.The champion speciality cheese has a delicious flavour and smooth texture.

There is one cheese in the innovation class which is superb with a great balanced flavour with the non-dairy ingredients complementing and not overwhelming the cheese flavour and a silky-smooth melting texture. We encourage good innovative products.

The buffalo, sheep, goat and camel products are generally very high standard.The sheep and goat yoghurts and goat fresh unripened cheeses had really clean flavours and good body.The Champion product is delicious with sensational complex flavour and a great texture.

There was an increase in the number of products entered into the dairy desserts class with many being premium products and there are some excellent, delicious, cultured products.

The quality of the ice creams and gelatos entered are exceptional with only a few not receiving a medal. The textures overall are very good, most had a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, and the flavours are generally well balanced and as described.The ice cream and gelato champion products are outstanding.

We are thrilled to award medals to amazing products and to have such incredible worthy champions. Thankyou.