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The Judging Panel

The Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show engages the most experienced and respected Judges in the industry and endorses the development of future judges with a strong succession plan through Associate Judges.

All Judges involved in the Show have completed an accredited sensory training course. Judging panels of three to five Judges are constituted from a combination of the following; 

  • Manufacturers and technologists from industry

  • Product users

  • Product retailers

  • Other specialist and industry judges

Mark Livermore is the Show's Chair of Judges. Mark brings to the role three decades of cheese and dairy produce judging experience and very extensive first-hand industry experience.

Chair of Judges - Mark Livermore

The Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show continues its fine tradition of innovation, excellence and reviewing the competition in line with industry developments. In accordance with this review, I am excited to welcome the Frozen Yoghurt Classes to the Competition for the first time in 2017. The Competition Schedule has been thoroughly reviewed and I encourage all Exhibitors to refer to this document during the entry process.

Our judging panels are made up of the best and fine-tuned palates in the country, proudly reflecting the diversity and depth of our industry. Over the past year we have also been working with our Judges to expand the collective knowledge base and expertise of the judging panels through sensory training courses conducted in conjunction with Dairy Australia. To this end, every Judge involved in the competition has undergone formal training.

As you are no doubt aware, the Australian dairy industry is facing difficult times with a drop in the farmgate price of milk supplied to factories. The quality and variety of products produced in Australia is of the highest standard and it is through the Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show that we can objectively demonstrate to Australian consumers and international markets that our products are indeed amongst the best in the world. It is through our system of awarding medals and Championships that the industry, buyers and consumers can easily recognise top performers and make production and purchasing decisions.  For Exhibitors themselves, these awards provide a real identifiable recognition of product quality, which they can use as a foothold into new markets and furthermore the Judges feedback offers a real launching pad for future development and growth.

Finally I would like to thank the RAS of NSW Dairy Produce Committee and in particular it’s Chair, Geoff Mason, for once again giving me the honour and privilege of leading the team of respected Judges at this year’s Show. I look forward to celebrating the exceptional calibre of Australian cheese and dairy produce products that will be presented

The Judging Process

The judging process is overseen by Sydney Cheese & Dairy Produce Show engages the most experiended and respected Judges in the industry and endorses the development of future judges with a strong succession plan through Associate Judges. Medals are determined by the Judges usging the following point scale:

  • Gold medal for outstanding Exhibits gaining 18pts and over;

  • Silver medal for excellent Exhibits gaining 17pts but fewer than 17.9pts;

  • Bronze medal for quality Exhibits gaining 16pts but fewer than 16.9pts.

Associate Judging

The Committee has embarked on a path of growing the pool of Judges available and have adopted a rotation policy to refresh the judging panels and give them a different dynamic and capture potential new judges coming through the industry and therefore endorses the development of future judges by offering Associate Judging positions.


Stewards play a valuable part in the judging of each competition and ensure the day runs smoothly through the coordination and preparation of exhibits for Judges. Stewarding is a fantastic way of leaning more about the industry, competitions and the judging process, with opportunities to develop into Associate Judge and Judge roles in the future.