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Dairy Cattle Paraders' Competitions

The Dairy Cattle Paraders' Competitions showcase young people in the Dairy Cattle Industry, with paraders demonstrating their handling and parading abilities before a judge in the most professional manner. The Dairy Cattle Paraders' Competitions educate and encourage young people as they are adjudicated with their peers, by an expert of the Dairy Cattle Industry, parading an animal under real judging conditions.

Competitors shall wear white shirt, white trousers and tie, white dustcoats or approved breed uniform.

There are a number of Dairy Cattle Paraders' Competitions available:

Class 800

Dairy Paraders' Competition - 8 years and under 10 years (as at 1 May 2022).

Class 801

Dairy Paraders' Competition - 10 years and under 13 years (as at 1 May 2022).

Class 802

Dairy Paraders' Competition - 13 years and under 15 years (as at 1 May 2022).

Class 803

Dairy Paraders' Competition - 15 years and under 17 years (as at 1 May 2022).

Class 804

Dairy Paraders' Competition - 17 years and under 19 years (as at 1 May 2022).

Class 805

Dairy Paraders' Competition - 19 years and under 25 years (as at 1 May 2022).

Champion Parader

The winners of 801 to 805 must parade for this prize.

As per ASC Guidelines, Competitor's must be 15 and under 25 years of age on 1 May in the year of the Competitors State Final Competition, and reside in NSW in order to be eligible to proceed to the National ASA Dairy Cattle Paraders' Championship.

For further information, please contact the Cattle Coordinator on