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Judging and stewarding

The integrity of Sydney Royal competitions rests in the hands of accomplished, knowledgeable and, most importantly, independent judges.


Judging Process

The Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show engages the most experienced and respected Judges in the industry and endorses the development of future judges.

The process is overseen by a Chair of Judges and includes four separate judging panels. Each panel consists of one Panel Chair, two Senior Judges and a minimum of one Associate Judge.

Medals are determined by the Judges using the following 20 point scale:

Gold medal for outstanding Exhibits gaining 17.0pts and over

Silver medal for excellent Exhibits gaining 15.6.0pts but fewer than 16.9pts

Bronze medal for quality Exhibits gaining 14.0pts but fewer than 15.5pts

Champion are determined using the Borda Count Method.


Judging Succession Plan

To ensure a consistent high standard of judging, the RAS operates the Sydney Royal Associate Judge Program to train the next generation.

Joining the Sydney Royal Associate Judge Program provides unique opportunities to:

  • Lean how to score exhibits from experienced senior judges
  • Experience first-hand what it takes to judge beer and cider
  • Be exposed to emerging trends and the very best producers have to offer
  • Network with industry experts
  • Build experience toward becoming a qualified judge

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Judge, please complete the form here.



Stewards play a valuable role ensuring each judging day runs smoothly through the coordination and preparation of exhibits.

Acting as a Steward for Sydney Royal competitions provides unique insight into a specific industry and counts as relevant experience toward an Associate Judge role in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a Steward, please fill out our form here.