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Judging & Stewarding

Sydney Royal Competitions

The Sydney Royal Wine, Dairy & Fine Food Shows set the standard in Australian wine and food judging. They offers producers a platform from which to benchmark their products within their industry as well providing extensive exposure to both the consumer market and trade professionals.


The judging process

All Exhibits are judged without commercial labelling. There are three stages in the judging process:

1. Tutorial: Where the Chair of Judges/Chief Steward will present a Stewards' Briefing and Tutorial Session on the morning of judging, to ensure Stewards are familiar with the judging process, Class allocation, presentation of Exhibits and the scoring method.

2. Judging and gathering of Judges scoring data: Medals are determined by the Judges using the following point scale:

  • Gold medal for Exhibits gaining 90.0 points and over;

  • Silver medal for Exhibits gaining 82.0 points but less than 90.0 points;

  • Bronze medal for Exhibits gaining 74.0 points but less than 82.0 points.

3. Championship judging: This stage requires the panel of Judges to formally sign off the initial Judges' report and therefore highlighting those Gold Medal winning exhibits that will be included in the Championship Judging process.


Associate judging

The Committee has embarked on a path of growing the pool of Judges available and have adopted a rotation policy to refresh the judging panels and give them a different dynamic and capture potential new judges coming through the industry and therefore endorses the development of future judges by offering Associate Judging positions.

Click Here to register your interest to become a Sydney Royal Associate Judge.


Judging panels

Judging panels of three to five Judges are constituted from a combination of the following;

  • Manufacturers and technologists from industry
  • Product users
  • Product retailers
  • Chefs
  • Other specialist and industry judges


Stewards roles & responsibilities

Stewards play a valuable part in the judging of each Competition and ensure the day runs smoothly through the coordination and preparation of Exhibits for Judges. Stewarding is a fantastic way of learning more about the industry, competitions and the judging process, with opportunities to develop into Associate Judge and Judge roles in the future.

Click Here to register your interest to become a Sydney Royal Steward.


Benefits of Judging and Stewarding at Sydney Royal

Opportunity to be involved in high profile and prestigious Sydney Royal Competitions, renowned all across Australia.

  • Engage with industry members, build relationships and networking opportunities.
  • Keep abreast with the industry, changes in trends and identify up and coming producers.
  • Enjoy a hands-on experience and develop an understanding of the judging process. We encourage Judges and Stewards to work together and where the opportunity arises, we ask Judges to expose Stewards to sample Exhibits so to learn what attributes and defects the Judges are looking for in their assessment of product.

Judges, Stewards and Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) Councillors alike are all voluntary positions. The RAS appreciates the expertise and contribution of all Officials and Councillors. If you have any questions regarding this document, please send your enquiry via email to