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Benefits of a Royal win
Benefits of a Royal win

Sydney Royal Competitions set the benchmark for agricultural excellence that underpins Australia's agricultural performance ensuring a viable and prosperous future for our rural communities.

For Sydney Royal competitors, a win is testament of achievement at the highest level. It is recognition of dedication, ability, uncompromising diligence and sheer hard work.

As well as pride and prestige, a Sydney Royal win provides a springboard to increase returns. All winners receive Sydney Royal medal or trophy artwork designed to be used across a wide range of marketing collateral.

Regardless of a win in the Wine, Dairy and Fine Food competition, judges' comments are made available to every exhibitor enabling them to improve the quality of their livestock, agricultural produce, or product. All Sydney Royal Competitions, even those not connected directly to the land, are geared toward promoting, fostering and encouraging the sustainable development of rural communities and agriculture in Australia.