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Dress regulations

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW values its Members and is proud to provide the Members' Area for their use. It is important that Members are able to use this facility with their guests in an enjoyable manner. To facilitate this, the RAS requests that all Members and their guests, 14 years and over, be appropriately attired in smart casual wear when utilising the Member facilities.

The following items of clothing are not considered acceptable:

  • Thongs (a shoe is considered a thong if it has two straps which connect in between the first and second toes – including Havaianas, Birkenstocks and similar scuffs
  • Slides and Slippers
  • Ugg Boots
  • Dirty or dilapidated footwear (including torn, mud-caked or damaged boots)
  • Industrial gumboots
  • Revealing, untidy or inappropriate clothing including shorts/skirts of an inappropriate length (mid-length dress shorts are acceptable for both men and women) or midriff revealing clothing
  • torn or ripped clothing including jeans (even if ‘designer’ tears)
  • tracksuit pants or gym attire (including leggings, crop tops and racer back singlets), or leggings worn as pants
  • men’s singlet tops
  • women’s singlet/spaghetti strap tops
  • beanies for both men and women
  • clothing emblazoned with indecent pictures and/or language

Anyone not dressed appropriately will be refused entry or asked to leave.
Children under the age of 14 years should be neatly attired.