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Cassie - A Rural Vet in the Making

Cassie is studying a double degree in Veterinary Science and Veterinary Biology at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga and has always wanted to be a rural vet. Her family struggled with years of drought on their farm and making ends meet at university has been pretty tough. 

Cassie left home with $200 in her pocket and, in her first year of studies, woke up at 3am every day and cycled 15 kilometres to and from work in a local dairy.  

“After being knocked back twice previously, I was absolutely overjoyed when I was finally accepted to start my veterinary science degree in 2009.  While at University I had to budget very carefully to make ends meet, sometimes living off as little as $30 per week,” said Cassie. 

Currently in her last year of a six-year course and still working at the dairy, Cassie until her RASF scholarship was having trouble affording text books.  This semester she has all five books her course requires. Whatever it takes, it is clear that Cassie has the passion and determination needed to achieve her dreams. A scholarship from the RAS Foundation has helped Cassie focus on her studies as she strives to become a qualified vet. 

“When I finish uni I hope to join a vet clinic doing what I love most – putting my passion for animals into practice whilst engaging and educating the producers to create a more sustainable and profitable industry for everyone to benefit from.”