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Meredith Dairy

Meredith Dairy specialise in fresh cheeses and yoghurts because of the high quality, year-round supply of fresh milk. Their unique, simple, fresh flavour is a consequence of our daily production of milk, unadulterated with additives, and made with love by our world class production process.

The 2019 President's Medal Winner will be sampling their Sheep Milk Yoghurt, Goat Milk Chevre , Goat Chevre Dill, Marinated Goat Cheese , Goat Chevre Dusted With Ash, Goat Milk Yoghurt and Cultured Goat Milk. Meredith Dairy is a 26-year-old family business from Victoria, Australia. On their farm, they have their own animals, and produce specialty cheeses and yoghurts from socially and environmentally responsible sheep and goat's milk.

2019 Exhibitor

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