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How do I make my way around the room?
The room is split into red and white wine tasting areas. Wines are grouped
by varietal. Beer and cider can be found at the bar within the dedicated
beer garden

Where are the Trophy Wines?
The trophy wines are located in the Trophy Room.

What did a wine score?
The Results Catalogue will be available at the conclusion of the 2022 KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show, and can be downloaded from the Wine Show Results page from 5 August 2022. Results are listed by Class order, and the score and any medal the wine won will be noted. 

Why is there a maximum pour size?
There are many wines available to taste at the event and we want to ensure that our guests have the opportunity to experience several wines.

Why has some of the wine run out?
Unfortunately, we don't have enough wine for everyone to have a taste of everything and there may be wines that are more popular with guests than others are.

Why isn't the white wine chilled?
The white wine is not chilled so that you can experience and taste the wine as the judges do in the judging process. Chilling wine dulls its taste and flavour, so serving it at room temperature allows all aromas to be at their peak.

I'm hungry!
A wide range of medal winning produce will be showcased for all attendees to enjoy and the cost is included in your ticket price.

Why can't I take my bag in to the event?
For the safety and comfort of all guests, we have a cloakroom available for large bags to be held on your behalf.