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AgVision will will be back at Sydney Showground in 2021. Check out some of our previous AgVision Workshop descriptions below, as a sample of the sessions that may be held in 2021.

Animal Welfare Inspector

A day in the Life of an RSPCA Inspector, takes you through a day as an Animal Welfare Inspector. Investigating Animal Cruelty Complaints across NSW and stepping through what it means to be an Inspector including an insight into an actual prosecution of animal cruelty.

Animal Health and Disease Investigation

A peek inside a diagnostic laboratory-disease investigation for animal health. Ever wondered where samples go after a Vet takes a specimen from an animal? How do we know what the animals are sick from? Is the animal allowed to travel between states or overseas? Being a scientist doesn’t have to involve looking down a microscope all the time! If you’ve wondered or have been interested in working in a laboratory or in the field of biological science, why don’t you put on a lab coat and come and try it out?

Animal Biosecurity

Animal Health Australia are heavily invested in Australia’s animal health and biosecurity and will guide you through an activity to understand the risks that contagious diseases pose to our domestic and agricultural animals.

Invasive Animal Biosecurity

Does that weird animal belong here in NSW?  A career in Biosecurity can help you protect what we love from the pest animals we don’t. Have you got what it takes to be a Biosecurity Warrior? Ever wondered what the most unusual animals are that turn up in NSW? Come and find out how a career in biosecurity means protecting agriculture, communities and the environment from pest animals (and meet some taxidermy animals in person!).

Livestock Production in Developing Countries

A career helping farming families to help themselves: The majority of the world’s population live in rural regions and are poor and malnourished. Australian agricultural expertise is helping these farming families learn new skills to improve their income and livelihoods. This workshop will provide real-life examples of how a career in international agricultural development is helping farmers help themselves to become sustainably self-sufficient and contribute to regional food security.


Applying and studying to become a veterinarian can be a long hard road, but it can lead to fantastic rewarding career! This workshop gives you a hands on approach to what you may encounter in the day-to-day life of a vet. Learn how veterinarians assess animal welfare scientifically, using animal based measures like health and body condition scoring, as well as management based measures to ensure owners are able to meet all animal’s requirements.

Vet Nurse

Learn some of the key procedures and techniques involved in the daily life of a vet nurse, from animal health checks and emergency first aid to the use of aseptic techniques to prepare animals for procedures such as surgery. Students will take part in a physical examination of a dog, looking at ears, eyes, mouth, listening to hearts and practicing bandaging techniques.

Livestock Overseer

Gain an understanding of what is required to work on a farm as a livestock overseer, responsible for the care and husbandry of species such as sheep and cattle. Students will get and understanding of how to get to a position such as this and what to expect during a day in the life of a livestock overseer.


Learn the skills you need to work as a jackaroo or a jillaroo on an Australian farm, including how to muster cattle and move them calmly through a race and crush in order to conduct husbandry procedures

Careers in the Horse Industry

Do you like the idea of working with horses? Open your eyes to different opportunities as a groom or stable hand, working in a performance horse, breeding or racing stable.

Stock Horse Trainer

Watch and listen to how to train stock horses and understand the uses our versatile Australian Stock Horses have.

Equine Breeding, Training & Performance

An insight into the Equine Performance, Breeding & Training Industry with a horse trainer.

Horse Farrier

Students to view the shoeing of a horse and become aware of the career opportunities in the horse industry. Learn about the anatomy and physiology of a horse’s foot, different hoof trimming and maintenance techniques as well as the art of making and fitting shoes.

Working Dog Trainer

Demonstrating a gentle approach to training working dogs, based on natural horsemanship principles. Using quite, calm mannerisms; see how effectively the dogs can work the sheep in our yards. Students will look at the ways in which a dog trainer goes about teaching a pup, and then training the dog as it grows to be an effective tool for stock movement on farms.

Careers in the Pork Industry

Australian Pork is a unique rural industry service body for the Australian pork industry. It is a producer-owned company delivering integrated services that enhance the viability of Australia’s pig producers. The organisation aims to enhance opportunities for the sustainable growth of the Australian pork industry by delivering integrated marketing, innovation and policy services along the pork industry supply chain

Poultry Production

This workshop will provide a review of the different poultry industry careers including chicken meat processing, hatchery and feed and nutrition management. Students will work with day old chickens and determine the gender of chickens.

Poultry Science & Nutrition

Chicken is the world’s most consumed meat. Learn the background of the chicken-meat industry, hear career opportunities in research Institute and universities, how research can contribute to sustainable farming and food security. Students will also be introduced to common feed ingredients and how to formulate a diet to feed chickens scientifically.

Red Meat Industry Professional

Career opportunities in the red meat industry - from paddock to plate and everything in-between. The Australian red meat industry is a diverse industry with exciting career opportunities for people with a passion for agriculture. Career opportunities range from paddock through to fork and include; producers, farm managers, consultants, researchers, agents, vets, technicians, nutritionist, teachers, butchers and the list continues. We’ll aim to cover most aspects during this workshop with a focus on meat production and how on farm factors influence the end product- meat! We’ll also aim to convey this message through interactive activities related to the meat industry.

Dairy Farmer

Students will discuss cow and udder health and learn the importance of weight gain, fertility and subsequent milk production quantity and quality.

Dairy Education

Students will learn how nutritional requirements of dairy animals differs through their development. Students will have hands on interaction measuring animals and determining whether they are on target and will learn how A Smart Farmer are successfully educating people about the dairy industry through a school and show edutainment program.

Alpaca & Llama Farmer

Up until the 1980s alpacas were only bred in their native homeland of South America. Now, the Australian alpaca industry reports some 2,000 registered breeders Australia wide, and numbers of alpacas estimated at 250,000 - 300,000 animals. Alpacas are now a world-wide market with breeders not only in Australia but internationally enjoying the financial and lifestyle choices that this animal brings.

Sheep Farm Manager

Learn about the range of skills you develop when breeding and growing Sheep for the meat industry and genetic gain. This workshop will enlighten students about the workings of a sheep stud and to give an idea of its day to day running. Students learn how to identify breeds of sheep and how to class sheep for stud breeding purposes to improve productivity.

Sheep Shearer

Careers in the Wool Harvesting Industry: If you would like to be a professional athlete, travel the world make a lot of money and life-long friendships this is the workshop you cannot afford to miss. This workshop includes a practical demonstration of skills required in this industry including shearing and wool classing with commentary and question time.

Wool Classer

Find out what it takes to gain a career as a wool classer. See the journey of Australian wool from shearing shed to processing. Students will have the opportunity to see and handle examples of wool types and assess the characteristics that influence price and end use.

Wool Industry Professionally

Working with wool – what does a wool fibre tell you about animal welfare and health. We provide each participant greasy wool to understand stress on the animal and how it affects raw wool structure. We tell them about how we measure pregnancy in ewes from the wool.

Bee Keeping

The workshop will outline what beekeeping is about, including the processes of establishing and maintaining bees and harvesting honey. Bees are incredibly important pollinators so keeping bees has multiple benefits both commercially and environmentally. 

Edible Insect Farmer

Bugging out with edible bugs! Learn all about the high growth industry of edible insect farming and processing, and understand why edible insects will play an important role in our future food systems. PS. There will be samples!

Fisheries Compliance

Careers as a Fisheries Compliance Officer within the NSW marine estate. A hands on session to discover how to put legislation into practice. Conduct compliance checks on both input controls (fishing gear) and output controls (minimum fish size limits) to help maintain our wild fish stocks to ensure sustainability of this industry and protein source into the future.

Seafood & Media

Careers in the Fresh Food Industry: Students look at skills used by a 1) Tour Leader and 2) Food Consultant when working with food particularly seafood. This includes the skills required to identify and choose fresh food, prepare and present food for classes, food shows, TV, photography, YouTube, and as a food judge.

Food Security

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, operating on a scale that makes it crucial to the work of the front line charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians. Foodbank provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisations nation-wide and you can gain an insight into the work they do to ensure our future food security.

Organic Vegetable and Edible Flower Farmer

Learn about the fun in growing niche products like edible flowers, unusual herbs, hosting workshops and collaborating with cool people. Learn how you can grow a large range of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers on ½ an acre, selling locally to families and restaurants.

Viticulture for the Wine Industry

Grape growing for the wine industry is perfect for people who love to solve problems. Growing enough grapes to make wine in a challenging climate, AND making them tasty can be a major challenge. Viticulture is a blend of nature, science and the world of project management, with plenty of opportunities no matter your passion.

Careers in the Cotton Industry

This workshop will provide an overview of the Australian cotton industry, including a discussion on the industry’s environmental credentials, sustainability efforts and efficiency measures. This workshop will also cover the cotton production cycle from dirt to shirt and career opportunities across the supply chain.

Water Management

Sydney Water supply water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to more than five million people in Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains. Their value lies far beyond water supply, pipes and sewerage services, because water is not just a commodity – water is the life force of all nature, and the defining force of Sydney. Learn how they manage this precious resource for the benefit of people and the environment.

Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture

How can you improve agriculture with new technology? Working on the farm is just one career path. There are many options available in other fields that are equally important to agriculture such as science, research, engineering, technologies, etc. The agricultural industry needs intelligent people with agricultural knowledge to drive new or improved technologies and discoveries.

Precision Agriculture

Showcasing the latest opportunities using precision technologies in agriculture and cropping industries to improve farm efficiency.


Agronomy as a career, what a day in the life of an Agronomist looks like. A look into how the crops that we grow end up in your daily lives and the research that gets them there. Come see what’s involved with Agronomy. If helping put food on the table interests you, you like the outdoors or have an interest in Agriculture, Agronomy could be for you!

Agricultural Entomologist

If you like working outdoors, solving problems and helping people, come and learn about being an Agricultural Entomologist. Travel the world and make a positive impact to people’s lives by helping them to produce pest-free food. Insect specimens and magnifying glasses will be available too.

Permaculture: Urban Farming for the Future

Want to grow food in the City? The urban farming agriculture technology industry is rapidly expanding as customers increasingly look for food grown closer to home as a way to adapt to a current agriculture system threatened by climate change. Learn from an urban farmer and permaculture designer how you could cultivate a career in urban farming, help our planet Earth and have fun doing it.

Regenerative Agriculture

Learn about career pathways in the emerging field of regenerative agriculture. We’ll discuss the daily routine of managing a free range organic/bio-dynamic chicken farm and the different benefits and challenges of the regenerative approach compared with conventional agriculture. Learn how regenerative practices can improve the natural function of the landscape while boosting the profitability of agricultural enterprise. Discover the challenges and rewards of managing an organic, open-range chicken farm. Look at how regenerative practices can be applied to improve the natural function of the landscape while boosting the profitability of agricultural enterprise.

Drones in Agriculture

Learn what you can do now to prepare yourself to be a drone pilot in the future. You will examine different drones and learn how different drones suit different jobs, how far they can fly and what data they can capture to help with agricultural systems. Learn what a crop map or thermal imaging looks like and how this is of value to farm systems.

Agricultural Diesel Mechanic

Experience what is like to be an Agricultural Diesel Mechanic and what you'll do from day to day; from pre-delivering (greasing, checking bolts) to seeing what makes the tractor run, how to maintain them and opportunities for apprentices. You will even get to explore some New Holland Tractors.

Farm Machinery Sales Manager

Learn about career options in the agricultural sales industry, have a sit in our CASE IH tractors and explore sprayer technology that helps farmers improve their efficiency.

Rural Mental Health Professional

Growing the Australian Agriculture Industry... Where does rural mental health fit in?

What does mental health have to do with careers in agriculture? This workshop will:

  • Outline why looking after your mental health is important in the agriculture industry

  • Provide insights into how RAMHP engages with the agriculture industry

  • Provide inspiration to students who want to work across both the health and agriculture industries.

Rural Doctor

A rural practice: working as a doctor in the bush. An overview of career pathways and opportunities available to qualify as a doctor in Australia with a particular emphasis on practicing medicine.

Agricultural Media

Explore career options in agricultural media such as journalism, multi-media, public relations and political persuasion. Think about how we can get people in the city to better understand agriculture and explore some techniques in presenting to camera.

Agricultural Economist

Rabobank – Working together with our farmers. The workshop will look at the way Rabobank partners with farmers across the country to develop and promote that agriculture sector. The journey will cover all states and territories with a focus on Northern Cattle.

High School Agricultural Educator

Are you inspired by Australia’s farming and fishing industries? Do you want to inspire others to share your passion and spend (most of) your time outdoors? Why not find out more about a career as an Agricultural Educator?


Using tourism to build a farm business and providing an educational experience to link city people with agriculture and rural living.

Solar & Renewable Energy Production

Learn what it is like to work on some of Australia's largest solar farms to generate renewable energy to provide a sustainable source of electricity to replace fossil fuels into the future.