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The world’s best job – judging the Callebaut Sydney Royal Chocolate Show

Posted on : 23 August 2017

So this is how your day plays out – in fact the next two days.

You don a pure white coat and you are asked to taste more than 130 premium chocolates and give your opinion on which are the best.

Well that is the tough job the judges have this week at the official headquarters of the Callebaut Sydney Royal Chocolate Show at Sydney Showground.

This year 132 entries from around the nation will pass the experienced tastebuds of the professional judges in this prestigious annual competition.

Across more than 20 classes, judges will be assessing chocolates on taste, texture, smoothness and innovation (flavour and texture innovation).

Already on day one they identified a new trend, water-based Genache which according to the Chair of Judges Jodie Van Der Velden, allows the profile of the chocolate to "sing".

Ms Van Der Velden, appearing in her sixth year as Chair of Judges says;

"We are always excited to see innovative new flavour profile and finishes".

"However at the essence, what we are really looking for is to award medals for excellence.

"You can be as outlandish as you like in your creation, but if it is not marketable, you will not be commercially successful," Ms Van Der Velden said.

It is truly a craft creating world class chocolate. The Sydney Royal saw that last year when the Bracegirdle’s House of Fine Chocolate from South Australia was chosen as a finalist in the prestigious President’s Medal recognising the ‘best of the best’ from all the Sydney Royal Wine and Fine Food Shows conducted across the calendar year.

Winners will be announced at the Taste of Excellence Awards night, September 22nd.

The competition continues today, one of the highlights being the Student Chocolate      

Showpiece category, where TAFE students present their handmade chocolate masterpieces up to 180 centimetres in height.

They also have the opportunity to present boxes of chocolates in the same classes as the professional producers.

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Manager, Public Relations

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