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You've got to be piggin' me

Posted on : 27 March 2018

Written by: Bella Evans

Geoffrey the Pig pulls big Show win

When WA breeder Linton Batt is asked to talk about his 140kg Berkshire boar ‘Geoffrey’ his face immediately lights up.

“He’s a character, isn’t he?” Batt says as Geoffrey gobbles up a pear in celebration of his ‘Junior Berkshire Boar’ title at the 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Geoffrey, whose registered stud name is ‘Bungendore Koonibba F66’, competed against five other Berkshire boars for the title on Saturday.

The win came after a long fifty-six hours on the road from WA.

Despite the eight-and-a-half-month-old boar currently being in prime condition for the judging, Batt says that Geoffrey is still a while away from being at his potential ultimate weight of 400kg.

“Geoffrey has gone through his growth phase. That finishes when a boar reaches 110kgs,”

“Now he’s just going to get more weight on him. The bacon sits thickly here,” Batt smiles as he points to the stockier part of Geoffrey’s back.  

However, where Geoffrey is concerned, bacon is not the cards. The boar is a breeding pig, and after he has finished his stint at the Royal Easter Show, he is off to the Sabor Breeding Centre in South Australia to undergo artificial insemination processes.

“For Geoffrey, there is a lot of attention on his ‘back end’,” Batt says.

“That means that he has the qualities for strong reproductive traits, as well as the functionalities of a boar in strength and density. He also has the visual characteristics that judges look for in Berkshires, including the six white markings on his body.”

Batt is quick to mention that Geoffrey’s physical traits are not the only qualities that the unique animal possesses.

“When Geoffrey goes to lie down, he drops to his knees first,” Batt explains.

“He checks before lying down to see if he can hear any screaming piglets first. If he can’t, then he knows it is safe for him to lie down.”

For all the girls out there, Geoffrey is a taken man! The boar has a love interest in ‘Mona Lisa’, a sow that lives in the opposite pen to Geoffrey. Batt says he often watches the two engaging in affectionate conversation.

“Geoffrey has the hots for Mona Lisa.

Whenever he’s out and about, he stops by her pen and they have a chat with each other,” he said. 

Geoffrey will finish up at the Royal Easter Show on Monday evening 26th March, when he will begin his journey to South Australia.

Until then, he will be proudly showing off his win in the pig and goat pavilion…  And you’re going to hear him boar! 


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