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That's Show business

Posted on : 18 March 2016

Ever wondered who runs the Show? It's the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), a not-for-profit organisation which was formed way back in 1822 to encourage scientific farming methods and excellence in agriculture. But who runs the organisation that runs the Show? That would be the Council, a body of over fifty extraordinary men and women selected from the Membership of the RAS.

Councillors govern the Society and sign off on major decisions concerning the Show, but they are also hands-on, holding themselves personally responsible for the delivery of each of the Sydney Royal competitions. Working with a sizeable team of staff and executives, Councillors collectively spend thousands of volunteer hours preparing throughout the year and their effort continues all through Showtime.

When the Society was first established, many leading citizens in the colony became Members and made up the Council. Innovators, entrepreneurs and community builders, they were the go-getters and visionaries of the day who could see that by promoting agricultural improvement and development, benefits might come to all.

Many of their names are still familiar to us today: Jamison, Macarthur, Marsden, Cox and Berry, just to name a few. They all had one thing in common - they were great participators, usually making public contributions across a broad range of endeavours.

The same is true of today's RAS Councillors. Chosen for their rural, business, and professional skills, they bring a wide range of expertise and experience to the organisation - along with an unflagging commitment to community service.

In the background of every section of the Show you visit, Councillors will be working hard, doing everything they can to ensure their particular competition sets the bar. Volunteers par excellence they are.

WORDS: Vicki Hastrich
(Published March 2016)


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