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RAS the horse

Posted on : 30 January 2017

WORDS: Vicki Hastrich
Article first appeared RAS Times November 2016

Part Four in a Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) Heritage series by Vicki Hastrich
While operational policing has always been an important part of the compact, NSW Police have traditionally joined in the fun of the Show, taking part in activities which go above and beyond normal duties.

Over 120 years an interconnected relationship has developed between the force and the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), to the mutual benefit of both organisations.

When the Acting Commander of the Mounted Unit, Kylie Riddell, led the Musical Ride at the 2016 Show, she rode out on a police horse called RAS.

The 17 hand gelding is the sixth in a line of horses donated by the RAS. The first was sourced in 1959 from Goonoo-Goonoo Station, managed by former RAS Vice-President Dolf Schmidt.

The horse was presented to police unbroken, but a year later was fully trained and used for normal police duties.

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