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Who says mussels have to be big?

Posted on : 18 November 2020

When it comes down to it, the size of your mussels doesn't matter, but they should be firm with some strength and intensity. We're not talking about bodybuilding, but rather the new Sydney Royal Aquaculture competition category... our judges want to see (and taste) your mussels.

Australian mussels are rich with a creamy texture and sweet flavour. They are soft and smooth and an excellent source of iron and protein, and can be enjoyed straight from the shell, simmered and steamed, in a curry or chowder, and even sprinkled with herbs and breadcrumbs under the grill.

However you eat them, make sure when you buy them the shells are closed, they look wet and it is best if they smell like the ocean. If you get your fresh mussels home and one is open just tap the shell or run it under water for 30 seconds - a live mussel will close and then you know it is good to cook and eat!

Of course, Australian mussels are the envy of the world - our clean water produces the world’s best seafood, and Sydney Royal judges will only taste and test Australian-grown and farmed seafood. The mussels will be assessed in five areas: mouth feel/balance, texture/firmness, flavour, visual, strength/intensity for a possible score out of 100 - with each area marked out of 20.

“The Mussel industry in Australia continues to expand with new farms being established in NSW and WA, adding to capacity from the farms in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. This expansion in production reflects the increase in the Aussie appetite for this nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare seafood. As one of the fastest growing aquaculture categories, it is great to have mussels onboard the RAS Sydney Royal Aquaculture Competition, we look forward to providing the industry with stewardship from our highly acclaimed assessment, judging and medal system” John Susman, Chair of Judges - Aquaculture Competition


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