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Valentines treats by a talented baker

Posted on : 14 February 2018

Written by: Kayla Burke

Today marks the day that many of us will be showcasing public displays of affection to our loved ones. Money will be spent on flowers, cards and teddy bears galore. Might we suggest adding a certain sweet treat to the shopping list for your other half? How does a chocolate praline croissant, a caramelised vanilla slice with raspberries and a fresh fruit Danish sound? Pretty good if you ask us and we think our Sydney Royal Professional Bakery Judges agreed awarding Champion Pastry to young apprentice, Joshua Nickl for these mouth-watering goodies.

“It’s a big honour winning both Champion Pastry and Champion Apprentice. It’s a pretty special feeling.” Said Mr. Nickl

As both the apprentice and son of famous, The Gumnut Patisserie, it’s safe to say that Mr Nickl was born and ‘bread’ in the baking industry. Founded by his parents Tracy and Vicki Nickl in 1995, the smells of dough, sugar and butter became all too a familiar scent, leaving the craving for a career in the family business.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the family kitchen. I knew from a young age that this was something that I wanted to do. I saw nothing else in my eyes” Mr. Nickl said.

“As soon as I finished High School I started my apprenticeship and I haven’t looked back since”

For this young apprentice, it can be said that his age doesn’t bring experience. What it does bring though, is a natural talent for creating amazing baked goods that are both easy on the eye and satisfying for the stomach. Everyone knows that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so what better excuse than Valentine’s Day to treat yourself someone special with the fabulous Champion treats from The Gumnut Patisserie. As their motto states, “Life’s short, eat dessert first”.

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