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This house rules!

Posted on : 11 January 2019

Leading the pack for their sparkling wine, House of Arras has been named a finalist in the 13th Annual President’s Medal for their 2008 Grand Vintage.

Taking out the Thorp Annual Trophy for Best Sparkling White at the 2018 KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show, this Tasmanian winery has been producing fine wine since 1995. 

House of Arras is known for doing things a little differently when it comes to their wine making processes, creating their wine across two locations in Australia before consumers taste the final product.

“We bring our grapes in from Tasmania and they are juiced in Tasmania before being brought across to South Australia. It’s here that we have the best winemaking facilities available for making sparkling wine and a core of expertise which really allows us to get the best out of our fruit,” owner, Nic Bowen.

Laying their wine down is a key part to achieving award award-winning wine, setting House of Arras apart from their competitors.

“Aging our wines over a period of time builds complexity into them and sets us apart from competitors. We’ve become a wine making success and gained our icon status by constantly striving for high quality within the winery and the vineyard,” said Nic.

The 13th Annual President’s Medal will be announced on 17 April at the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show. 


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