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Things to love a choco-lot

Posted on : 14 February 2020

Chocolate takes over from just before Valentine’s Day until Easter... but why?  Around 500 BCE the Mayans drank hot chocolate as part of the wedding feast, the Aztecs consumed cocoa beans as an aphrodisiac, Victorian etiquette advised women not to accept chocolates from a man they weren't engaged to, and in 1861 Cadbury presented romantics the world over with a heart shaped chocolate box. So chocolate must equal love... we know that chocolate releases the endorphins responsible for happiness, and love makes people happy, so the link was made. However, chocolate eggs for Easter, delivered by a bunny is a whole different story...

Want to spoil a loved one with chocolate this Valentine's Day, why not try chocolate milk or chocolate custard - the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show results can point you in the right direction if you want to serve your sweetheart an award-winning chocolate dessert!


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