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The pen can still be mighty

Posted on : 03 July 2019

Fairfax, a name synonymous in Australia with journalism, and recognised as a trusted source of news. The Fairfax dynasty first published newspapers in Australia in 1841 and family members continue today with digital ink running through their veins, producing public interest journalism online.

As journalism evolves in this country, with paywalls, the collapse of print media and the concentration of media ownership, some things remain the same and that includes the synchronicity of the name Fairfax and a reputation for impartiality and fairness. With this in mind, the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) Foundation once again has opened applications for the JB Fairfax Award for Rural & Regional Journalism – a scholarship launched by John B Fairfax eleven years ago to encourage quality coverage of rural and regional affairs by Australian journalists. The Award includes $10,000 cash and three internships - with print, television and the fast-paced Media Centre of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

It was US journalist John Chancellor who explained “the function of good journalism is to take information and add to it”, but it was John B Fairfax who declared, “independent journalism is important for any democracy” and for this reason aspiring journalists are encouraged to apply for the scholarship and receive the support of two respected ‘institutions’ Fairfax and the RAS.

Applications are open for the JB Fairfax Award for Rural and Regional Journalism. Click here for more information.


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