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Meet Branded Meat Judge, Karen Doyle

Posted on : 09 July 2018

Head Chef, Award Winner, Head Teacher, Le Cordon Bleu Australia Program Manager… and Sydney Royal Branded Meat Judge, Karen Doyle

From a summer job as a commis chef in a boutique 5-star hotel in Ireland to Le Cordon Bleu Australia, Karen Doyle has followed her passion for quality ingredients and culinary experiences. She has worn many hats in a career that has included Head Chef and restaurant owner to Head Teacher and Program Manager. Karen’s award-winning culinary calling sees her perfectly positioned to judge Branded Meats in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. In her seventh year as a judge, Karen will taste an incredible array of 100% Australian farmed lamb, beef and pork including lamb rib racks and boneless pork loin. With a heavy weighting of 30% of each score allocated for tenderness, Karen will be enjoying young cuts of meat that have been quickly seared or grilled.

Image from Le Cordon Bleu Australia Facebook Page 


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