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Salmon stands alone

Posted on : 15 December 2020

Apparently the average Australian eats salmon once a week, but the salmon we are enjoying is far from average! Once considered a delicacy, salmon is now considered a seafood staple - ideal in a stir-fry, crispy-skinned, as sashimi in a super salad, grilled, poached, smoked, cooked whole, and even flaked in a rissole.

When buying fresh salmon it should look smooth and glossy with firm flesh and a faint aroma of the ocean - exactly the same criteria looked for by Sydney Royal Aquaculture Show judges. Judges are also assessing tasting flavour, texture, and aftertaste as well as taste strength and intensity.

Fresh salmon has been judged in Sydney Royal aquaculture competitions for 5 years but this is the first time it is a stand-alone category and no longer simply a member of the Fresh Fish class. All exhibits entered must be farmed in Australia and presented whole to the judges. First visually examined, the salmon will then be steamed and judged cooked for a possible score out of 100, with both visual condition and tasting flavour highly valued and marked out of 25.

"Salmon, as Australia's largest farmed seafood, is a vital part of our agribusiness sector, worth close to $1 billion. The sustainability and value are world recognized. The Sydney Royal plays an important role in providing a consumer-facing, quality assessment, which provides both the industry and the market a clear guide to the quality of this fantastic fish," explains John Susman, Sydney Royal Aquaculture Chair of Judges.


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