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Pasta masters

Posted on : 27 August 2018

Italy is the world’s largest exporter of pasta – no surprise there. However, a lot of the pasta they are exporting is made with Australian grown durum wheat. Italian farmers cannot grow enough durum wheat to keep up with the demands of pasta producers, resulting in almost half of Australia’s durum being exported to Italy… where it is regarded by Italian millers as the best in the world. A little like selling ice to Eskimos… Even more mind-boggling, Australians buying pasta imported from Italy are most likely buying pasta made from exported Australian durum… so why not just buy Australian made pasta. Wondering which one to buy? The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Pasta Competition judges 14 classes of Australian produced 100% durum wheat pasta along with spelt wheat and gluten free classes. Judging takes place on 30 August, with all results released at 10pm on 21 September. So soon you will know exactly which pasta to serve with your favourite sauce… and perhaps a glass of Sydney Royal medal winning red wine.


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