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Paddock of pupils

Posted on : 03 July 2019

Although farming may be in the bloodlines or across every branch of the family tree, it can also be taught and the best starting place is a Certificate III in Agriculture. The year-long course covers everything from fencing and chainsaws to crops and pastures, cattle, chemical use, emergency response and first aid. The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) Foundation has provided a financial helping hand to more than 30 aspiring farm managers, wool classers, breeders, agronomists and a whole field of future farming leaders. Rural Scholarship recipients from across NSW who undertake Certificates and Diplomas in Agriculture are perfectly placed for a life on the land. The financial support from the scholarship ensures our farming forecast is good, with fresh crops of graduates ready to step onto the soil and make it work for them.

With an incredibly wide range of courses available at TAFE and the Hunter Valley’s Tocal College, students undertaking a range of tertiary education and training studies are encouraged to apply for a scholarship to assist with fees and living expenses.

Rural Scholarship applications are open now, click here.




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