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No pits, just champion olives

Posted on : 28 September 2018

The name ALTO comes from the Latin ‘altus’ meaning ‘high’ and Robert Armstrong and Westerly Isbaih are certainly on a high at the moment. Robert and Westerly are proud producers of olive oil and table olives at the family farm in Crookwell, NSW.  ALTO Olives have the taste of sunshine, country air, warm days, cool nights and Sydney Royal medals including the title of Champion! Awarded 3 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze medals in the competition including Champion Olives for their Wild Olives, ALTO Olives are regulars on the winner’s dais at Sydney Royal competitions.

Entering Sydney Royal competitions every year since 2008, and picking up medals every year too, this year ALTO Olives tasty hand-picked koroneiki olives triumphed over 21 entries in the table olives classes and were described as “some of the most flavoursome olives tasted” by the Sydney Royal judges.

ALTO table olives are hand harvested, washed, graded and sized before being naturally fermented using a brine solution of Olsson’s Australian sea salt and filtered rainwater. After fermentation, they are washed again in filtered rainwater before being tossed in ALTO Lemon Olive Oil, making them perfect as an appetizer or simply delicious nibbled straight from the pack! 


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