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MMM... milk!

Posted on : 12 February 2020

Right from birth most of us are drinking milk without giving it a second thought. We don't automatically know that as a source of vitamin D and calcium it is good for bone health, heart health, fighting fatigue and building muscles - we just know its creamy goodness is delicious and the perfect match with cake or a cookie or on our morning cereal.

When we first start drinking milk we don't know that it can be turned into amazing butter, cheese, ice cream and even custard. And we don't know that milk itself can be judged and deemed award-worthy. Whilst we enjoy the taste, actual official dairy produce judges with fine-tuned palates look at appearance/presentation, flavour and aroma, texture and body. Milk classes at the Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Show include white milk homogenised, non-homogenised, UHT milk, modified milk (including lactose-free), reduced fat modified milk, skim milk, and flavoured milk.

Whilst the 2020 Champions will not be named until 24 February previous winners can still be celebrated, including Brownes Extra Creamy Milk and Hunt & Brew Colombia Coffee flavoured milk.


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