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In vino veritas… in wine there is truth

Posted on : 14 October 2020

Awarded each year courtesy of a generous donation from the RAS Wine Committee, the Sydney Royal Wine Study Scholarship and the Sydney Royal Wine Professional Development Scholarship are both contributing to a full-bodied and robust local wine industry.

Awarded to students demonstrating passion for the business of wine along with leadership qualities and a commitment to the Australian wine industry, the scholarships provide funding of up to $6,000 to assist with course funding, travel and materials.  

The 2020 recipients are all united by two common goals – a determination to be amongst the finest wine-makers in Australia… and a desire to ensure Australian wine drinkers both locally and internationally are enjoying medal-worthy wines for generations to come.

The 2020 Wine Scholarship winners are as follows - 

  • Sydney Royal Wine Assessment Scholarship: Chrissie-Anne Smith (pictured) and Nicole Wilson
  • Sydney Royal Wine Study Scholarship: Jordan Pickles and Billy Xynas

Applications are now open for the 2021 RASF Wine Scholarships.  Don't miss out on getting your application in - applications close 30 November 2020. 


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