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How inviting...

Posted on : 02 March 2021

Show posters have often been the centrepiece of Easter Show publicity - an advertising blitz plastered around railway stations, on ferries and trams, even on the sides of postal vans in the 1930s and 40s. These were the good old days; commuters were on the move and everywhere they looked they were invited to the Show.

The posters were artworks, often commissioned and designed by leading commercial artists and graphic designers, and now held safely in galleries and heritage collections. They tell a story using iconic Show images, the fun of the Show, the country coming to town, competitions and carnival rides, and of course animals - the star of the poster was quite often a horse, with cattle and sheep getting into the picture whenever they could.

The tag line was important too - we're going to the Show, family and fun, night and day, we'll be there.

As the RAS looks towards its 200th anniversary next year, it is paying homage to the posters of the past and celebrating these magnificent works of art, by calling on today's designers to capture the history and fun of a day at the Show. The 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show poster competition is open now - (insert link).


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