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Going for the trifecta

Posted on : 03 October 2018

Some may consider three a crowd but not in this instance. In this case, three is the winning trifecta, with three Sydney Royal Regional Food Competition Champions collecting the coveted title in their first year of entering.

Hum Honey, Bunny Chow Down and Hazelbrae Hazelnuts perhaps had a dash of beginners luck along with exceptional products, earning each the title of Champion.

Hum Honey took the Champion Regional Food Other Product title home to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for their Cold Fusion Organic Lemon Myrtle Honey. With a passion of bringing consumers the purest raw honey from their free-range farm, Hum Honey embraces the philosophy of “savour the flavour”, and the Sydney Royal judges certainly did. Cold fusion is a process that allows the introduction of sensational flavours into the raw honey, a specialty that Hum have embraced and won them a hive of Sydney Royal medals. Along with their Champion Cold Fusion Organic Lemon Myrtle, Hum also received Silver for their Cold Fusion Organic Australian Lavender and their Cold Fusion Organic Cinnamon Quill and a Bronze medal for their Cold Fusion Australian Organic Ginger

A bunny chow is a traditional curry served by street vendors in Durban, whilst a Bunny Chow Down Rosella Apple Chilli Jam is a Sydney Royal Champion Sweet Preserve. Combining a love of curry with a desire for unusual gastronomic flavour combinations, Bunny Chow Down took off in Queensland in 2013 and now includes an incredible range of chutney, marmalade, pickles and glazes.  Combining apple, sugar, rosella, lemon juice and chilli the Champion Sweet Preserve is bursting with sweet flavours with a bit of a zing and pairs beautifully with chicken.

Hazelbrae Hazelnuts produce Tasmania’s very first hazelnut oil, which is also Sydney Royal’s first Champion hazelnut oil, the 2018 Champion Regional Food Specialty Product. This multi-purpose oil can be used for gentle frying, in salad dressing, drizzled over fruit or rice dishes, added to desserts or milk-based drinks and even applied as a moisturiser. With one of the largest hazelnut groves in Australia, the 5,000 hazelnut trees at the family-run farm in Hagley, northern Tasmania, certainly delivered the good oil for the judges. 


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