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Fifty years and counting...

Posted on : 03 April 2018

Written by: Katrina Nash

Ever wondered how the picturesque district exhibits at the show are formed? Or how long it takes to construct such an intricate and elaborate display of colour?

Well, it’s an incredibly long process, led by a dedicated team of volunteers, passionate about displaying the rich produce of their local district.

And Central District Exhibit Vice President, Doug Crowell from Tamworth, NSW is one of these devoted volunteers.

Announced as a Champion of the Royal Agricultural Society for his commitment to agriculture at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for 2018, Doug has spent the past 50 years volunteering with Central at the Show.

And it’s the competitive spirit that keeps bringing Doug back.

“We like the feeling of winning and getting to compete against other districts,” Doug said.

“But at the same token if we’re losing we don’t sulk. Good luck towards the others that win. We just go back and try to beat them next year.”

Doug’s achievement as an RAS Champion isn’t his only success here at the Show. The lucerne chaff intertwined within Central’s display is Doug’s very own award-winning lucerne chaff.

In a display inspired by the four seasons and a recipe book with Central’s highlight fruit ‘Apples’; Doug took out first place in the lucerne chaff competition.

“I cut it myself and for the past 20 years my lucerne chaff has won the competition.”

Doug is quick to thank the entire district team.

 “A few years back we won 12 straight for the quality of our products, the absolute record. And that has been achieved by a team of dedicated workers that all do their job and bring down the best produce they can for our area.”

 And although Doug lost his first wife during these years he still keeps coming back to showcase the diverse range of agriculture from Central NSW.

“I lost a wife after 48 years of marriage and people thought I wouldn’t come back but I was back here the next year. Now I’m married again and my wife is the cook here.

“We get dedicated to the thing.”

An extraordinary achievement and well-deserved accolade.


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