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Designing chocolate

Posted on : 26 September 2018

Imagine constructing a sculpture, or showpiece, entirely of chocolate, your imagination running as wild as the theme would allow. The chocolatiers at the 2018 Callebaut Sydney Royal Chocolate Show took on the theme of ‘Spring’, with flights of fancy including birds and garden spades, frogs and flowers, and all made from chocolate. Coloured cocoa butter, food grade decorative metallic powders and edible gold or silver leaf were permitted, as were non-edible stands, but every decoration was made of chocolate. And every piece was assembled onsite, in front of an audience that held their breaths and tried to pick up a chocolate tip or two.

The judges look at originality and artistic expression, degree of difficulty, execution and overall appearance of the chocolate showpieces. Somehow taste doesn’t come in to it, despite how deliciously attractive they appear.

The Callebaut Sydney Royal Chocolate Show welcomed seven chocolate showpiece sculptors this year, awarding medals to all participants in two highly competitive classes. The student class was an opportunity to construct showpieces under competition conditions and to receive constructive feedback. The supportive environment was an obvious success – all students received scores above 70, with the gold medal going to Hayley Waterhouse on 81.67 points.


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