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Community Futures Grants - lending more than a helping hand

Posted on : 24 December 2021

Funding projects in communities from the far north of the state to the central west and down to the southern slopes, the Community Futures Grants program lends more than a helping hand. Providing up to $25,000 in funding, supported by sales of the Ag Bag at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, this program allows communities to come together and work on projects that benefit all – from showground seating and kitchen upgrades to fencing, gardens and shade structures.

Read about the projects we supported in 2022:


North Star CWA

North Star is an isolated rural community approximately 742 km north north-west of Sydney, with a dedicated CWA and an 82-year-old Memorial Hall in desperate need of maintenance. The tallowwood floor in the hall has borne the weight of dancers, pre-schoolers, fitness groups, ANZAC Day service attendees, primary school students, and a lot more, and is now in need of some serious nail punching, hole filling, sanding, and sealing. The splintering of the timeworn floorboards has deemed the venue not fit for purpose – not only impacting the local groups who rely on a safe, sheltered location but also the fundraising opportunities for the community and the importance of keeping the community together. The renovated floor surface will make the Memorial Hall safer, more attractive, and the first option for groups seeking a venue for activities.

Agricultural Pastoral And Show Society Of Lockhart Inc.

Located in the Riverina region of southwestern NSW, Lockhart has an incredibly motivated Show Society looking for ways to increase community events and enhance the overall experience for attendees and participants. New equipment including a portable stage and steps, plus tables and chairs will reduce costs associated with continuously hiring equipment, ensuring funds raised at events will stay with the Society. The new stage with easier access will allow for greater inclusion and will benefit a wide range of community groups.  Event attendees will feel more welcomed with the addition of extra tables seating and the overall look of the Showground will be improved.  Regional towns and villages rely heavily on their Showgrounds for events, fundraising, attracting visitors, and hosting agricultural activities. The sense of community and the support offered is incredibly important and sees many drawn to the Showground to celebrate or come together in times of trouble.

Cumnock Show Society

In the west north-west of NSW, the small town of Cumnock has a Show Society kitchen waiting for an upgrade with more storage space, new equipment, and working areas for meal prep and cooking. The Showground is a major hub for the community, holding the annual Show, horse events, dog competitions, Council events, and seminars. The kitchen barely complies with health and safety standards and will not survive much longer, and important moneymaking opportunities and large events will be lost to other communities. The kitchen upgrade will lead to increased use of the facilities from the broader community and funds to ensure the Showground can continue to improve and enhance all of its facilities.

Uarbry Hall Association

In the middle of the Central West, a rest stop must be equipped with Public Use Water and Amenities, and that is exactly what the people of Uarbry are after – amenities/public toilets alongside the shaded structure weary travellers are drawn to. The shade structure was built to replace the Historic Uarbry Hall – destroyed by the Sir Ivan bushfire in 2017, but amenities weren’t included. The small community calling this village home wants to attract visitors off the highway and hope picnic tables, shade, toilets, and some peace and quiet could be just the thing to do it. Uarbry is a small village with a giant heart and is slowly but steadily rebuilding after the 2017 fires, visitors will help boost their spirits and encourage local activities.

Trundle Show Trust

Trundle Showground, in the Central West of NSW, is home to an impressive range of events including the annual Agricultural Show, Bush Tucker Day, ABBA Festival and Australia’s only flatland hang gliding competition – Wings Out West. Trundle may be where the wattle blooms, but it is also a place overdue for renovated kitchen, bar, and office facilities at the Showground.

The Showground has a full calendar of annual events, but the current facilities struggle to cope, and volunteers are reluctant to assist due to compromised safety and incredibly poor working conditions. The revamp of the hospitality area will make the venue more functional, easier to work in, and ease the workload and stress of volunteers.

Inverell Community Gardens

The Community Garden in Inverell has been an absolute labour of love for all concerned since its inception in 2013. Nine years later and the land on which they grow has been reclaimed by the council and they have had to find a new home. The move has allowed for smarter planning, and they know shade is a priority for volunteers and visitors. The Garden is an amazing space, providing a social hub, educational area, sense of purpose, creative outlet, and an enhanced sense of belonging to a nurturing community.

Local suppliers and contractors will be utilised for the construction of the shade shelter, along with a hardy group of volunteers – all contributing to a self-sustaining community hub. Inverell Community Garden is an incredibly valuable resource in a town that has suffered through drought and fires.


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