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By whatever beans necessary

Posted on : 02 October 2017

Some people always order a regular flat white whilst others cannot get through a morning without a large cappuccino. For a few, it is their daily espresso or the treat of a mocha that helps. Then there are those who prefer a latte but only want a small one... a really small one... a mini even. So what do they order?  A piccolo latte is a café latte made in an espresso cup. It has a very strong but mellowed espresso taste thanks to the steamed milk and micro foam within it.

One theory suggest the piccolo latte originated in Sydney when baristas and coffee roasters started drinking piccolo-style coffee in order to check how their brews were tasting with milk throughout the day. Not wanting a dairy bloat nor to be bouncing off the walls so full of caffeine, this perfectly shrunk café latte deliciously does the job.

Perhaps, but a variation is also enjoyed in France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Latin America. Order a noisette, pingo or cortado if you want to feel like a local.

The piccolo latte is going before the judges at the Sydney Royal Coffee Competition, with entries opening on 11 October. Established in 1998, the Sydney Royal Coffee Competition is one of Australia's leading coffee competitions. Coffee can be Australian grown or imported, provided the beans are roasted in Australia.

Classes include Latte, Plunger, and the Piccolo and all are judged on visual, aroma and taste. Taste encompasses freshness, acidity, bitterness, sweetness, flavour and aftertaste.


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