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And the winner is...

Posted on : 29 March 2018

Written by: Meredyth Hayes Bell

When your motto is to ‘celebrate the source’, there’s little doubt the entire Brasserie Bread bakery is celebrating today. Rising to the occasion at the President’s Medal Awards dinner, Michael Klausen, Head Baker and Co-Founder, spoke of his passion for single origin bread and the glorious wheat fields of the Flinders Ranges. The story starts with the soil and the little golden nuggets of wheat Brasserie Bread seeks out. They are the source of flavour, aided by the unpolluted air and dry sunny weather.

If meat producers take us from paddock to plate, the team at Brasserie Bread follow a very strict field to flour or ground to grain philosophy.

“The day my life changed was when I sat down and had a chat with a farmer,” explained Klausen.

With a committed attitude to traceability and a willingness to share the journey with the consumer, when you pick up a loaf of Brasserie Bread, the baker knows exactly what paddock it came from and is happy to share the land to loaf story.

Picking up the President’s Medal Award, one of the most unique and prestigious food and beverage awards in Australia - for their Flinders Ranges Sprouted Wheat Loaf - Brasserie Bread’s connection with the farmers and the single origin philosophy of their bread has reaped the benefits.

Named as the best of the best, from the 5,308 produce entries in Sydney Royal Wine, Dairy, Fine Food, Chocolate and Beer & Cider competitions, Brasserie Bread also collected the DPI Innovation Award for their outstanding innovative achievements.

Image: Paul Robbins, Monde Photo


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