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A helping hand on and off the land

Posted on : 03 September 2020

Type ‘agriculture’ and ‘New South Wales’ into the job search at Seek and over 600 jobs appear, ranging from livestock hands to farm managers, agribusiness managers, agronomists and even veterinarians and bush regenerators. Widen the search to all of Australia and suddenly thousands of positions in all fields from banking to farming, technology to teaching all with the common thread of agriculture will pop up.

Often described as the industry that feeds and clothes our nation, agriculture is also the industry providing incredible career choices for tertiary education graduates across the country.

Working in agriculture is no longer focussed solely on being on the farm and getting your hands dirty, innovations have taken jobs off the farm and into city office buildings, on the road and in the air. Careers in agriculture also include journalism, teaching, science, breeding, finance, research & development, engineering and aviation.

Each year RAS Foundation (RASF) Rural Scholarships assist aspiring agriculturalists into their chosen field, providing financial support of up to $6,000 for full-time study for career goals that help rural and regional areas. Countless doctors, nurses, veterinarians, journalists, primary school teachers, agronomists, wool classers, diesel engineers, livestock breeders and brokers, agribusiness and agronomy graduates, carpenters, mental health practitioners and more have returned to their rural towns and made a difference.

A Rural Scholarship from the RASF can ease financial pressures and provide a tremendous boost to morale and confidence, along with networking opportunities with like-minded students and donors. The support provided by the RASF goes beyond money, it is also knowing your career goals are worth chasing and are held in high regard by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, an organisation that has stood with the men and women of the land for close to 200 years.

Applications for the 2021 Scholarships are closing on 7 September – go to for more information and apply for the helping hand you need


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