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Tips to get your garden Competition ready

Posted on : 29 July 2020

When it comes to competition-ready gardens Cecily Rogers OAM has ten tips for budding green thumbs, with general appeal topping the list.

  1. Imaginative and unique qualities of the overall design
  2. Harmony and unity of the placement or layout
  3. Consideration of the vista, skyline
  4. Consideration of the soft elements – trees, lawns, shrubs and vines
  5. Suitability of the above visually
  6. Health of the plants and their groupings
  7. Hard elements – paving, retaining walls, ornamental structures
  8. No weeds or pests
  9. Use of mulch and irrigation
  10. Overall maintenance!

Cecily is honorary vice-president of the Royal Horticultural Society of NSW, a floral art judge, member of the organising committee of Rivendell Flower Show, a much-respected Councillor of the RAS and has spent 60+ years in the industry as both a florist and TAFE teacher… so when it comes to wanting to know how your garden should grow, hers are the tips to follow.


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