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Gumnut Patisserie claims Royal Agricultural Society of NSW’s prestigious 14th Annual President’s Medal

Posted on : 28 April 2021

Selected from more than 5000 entrants and 90 Sydney Royal Champions awarded throughout the 2019 Sydney Royal year, Gumnut Patisserie underwent extensive judging over a 12 month period to claim the top prize.
The pinnacle of the RAS Sydney Royal competitions, the President’s Medal finalist is judged on a triple bottom line assessment to determine a producer’s social, economic and environmental impact on not only the industry but their local communities.
Gumnut Patisserie, Tracy Nickl says he it is a great honour to be named the 14th Annual President’s Medal winner.
“This is an overwhelming moment, and I am incredible proud of all we have achieved over the years and of the wonderful Gumnut Patisserie team we have created – this award goes to them,” Tracy Nickl said.
“The mentorship program is by far one of our greatest achievements; to see those we have trained, go on and become trailblazers in the industry is an amazing feeling– they are like family to us and from that we have created a strong network that can share ideas and drive the industry forward. 
“The past 12 months have been incredible hard, but out of that struggle we have managed to refocus on new ways to improve our business and band together to get through."
Sydney Royal President’s Medal Judge, Michael Bullen said Gumnut Patisserie is an outstanding Australian fine food business that gives back to its community and embodies everything the RAS President Medal stands for.
“Gumnut Patisserie should be admired for their commitment to the Australian fine food industry and their innovation in driving business to the Southern Highlands for over 25 years,” Mr Bullen said.
“It is remarkable to see the impact one business can have on a local community from supporting local producers, to creating a mentorship program that drives the business forward and ensures the longevity of the trade,” Mr Bullen said.
“The President’s Medal’s aim is to look beyond a product, delving into the social, economic and environmental impact of a business and its long- term sustainability, and Gumnut Patisserie is an outstanding example of how a business can achieve success by taking this holistic approach; looking to innovation practices and creativity to continuously improve the industry.
The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW commends all six finalists of the 14th Annual President’s Medal for their devotion to building a strong and sustainable future for the Australian wine, dairy and fine foods industries."


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