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2021 RASF Nuffield Scholarship

Posted on : 02 November 2020

The first Nuffield Farming Scholarships were awarded in 1947 and forged a trail in the fields of seeds, wool and dairy farming. 73 years later Nuffield Scholars continue to learn and share knowledge all around the world and the RAS Foundation is proud to lend its support by once again sponsoring a Nuffield Farming Scholarship.

Taking his place amongst those who are determined to make positive changes in the agriculture sector, Michael Cains is the 2021 RASF-sponsored Nuffield recipient and will travel from his home in Robertson, NSW to the United States and Canada in order to explore best-practice approaches to raw milk cheese (RMC) production, training and marketing.

Michael is the owner of Pecora Dairy, the only sheep milking enterprise in New South Wales, milking 150 ewes to produce award-winning cheeses including a blue, fresh curd and a mould-ripened bloomy.

“There is a growing enthusiasm for Australian specialty cheese, yet imported cheeses continue to outsell. The further development of a world-class local cheese industry presents a huge opportunity to build demand and resilience for local, family-owned dairy farmers,” Michael said.

“Through my Nuffield Scholarship, I plan to investigate global agricultural methods of dairy farming for RMC production, how to harness the presence of beneficial local micro-flora and seasonal conditions, create unique, safe cheeses that reflect our landscape, the market opportunities and analyse the business model of RMC to quantify opportunity for business growth”. 


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