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About AAR

Australasian Animal Registry pet identification and recovery service

Currently AAR maintains records for nearly 3 million animals and is growing daily. We register all animals: dogs; cats; birds; horses; reptiles; even ferrets. AAR provides an accurate and independent service designed to assist in the speedy recovery of registered animals.

AAR is accredited by Queensland Government, Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), Victorian Government, Department of Primary Industry (DPI), and the Bureau of Animal Welfare.

Only authorised users, including councils and veterinary clinics, are able to access the animal records for recovery purposes. A secure system of ID numbers and AAR staff training ensure the integrity of this process.

View AAR's AAR Terms and Conditions.



Why register with AAR?

Microchipping and AAR Registration is by far the most effective way of being reunited as quickly as possible with your lost loved one.

  • Our recovery database operates 24 hours, 7 days a week - meaning your pet can be recovered day or night. If you lose your pet on the weekend, you don't want to wait until Monday for help.
  • Once you have registered your pet, our recovery services are free.
  • We register all types of animals not just cats and dogs.
  • We have accreditation with the Australian Veterinary Association along with both the Victorian and Queensland Governments.
  • A one-off lifetime registration fee and no charge for address or detail changes (online only).
  • If you move overseas your records will be maintained until your return. We can issue registration certificates to simplify dealing with Immigration and Quarantine.
  • Accuracy is our priority. AAR uses the latest scanning technology to enter details of microchip registration - ensuring accuracy and privacy of information.



Register your pet

If you would like to register your pet with AAR, follow the link to register your pet on the right hand side of this page, or talk to your vet about using AAR. Alternatively, you can contact us direct.

Phone: 02 9704 1450