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Staple Bread & Necessities - Champion

Why did you enter the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

I wanted to support the RAS and the work it does. It was also an important personal challenge for me - I entered last year and won silver and bronze. I knew I could win gold with enough focus.


What does this medal championship mean to you?

I’m deeply honoured to have been awarded the gold and the champions award. Its not about using it for marketing - it’s about knowing that my bread is good enough, as bakers we constantly push for perfection that never comes :)


How do you use the Sydney Royal medal artwork or promote your win through your marketing efforts?

I will have them on the wall and window in the bakery and on my Facebook page.


How long  have you been entering the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show?

This is my second year. I’ll enter again, but I’ve achieved all I’ve set out to and more- I’m super happy.