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12th Annual President's Medal Winner and Finalists

Congratulations to Brasserie Bread for winning the 12th Annual RAS of NSW President's Medal

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Brasserie Bread - Winner

Brasserie Bread is the realisation of a dream that began back in 1995 when Founders Michael Klausen and Tony Pappas set out to bake their first loaf of sourdough. For the past 22 years, we have built our business by incorporating the world’s best thinking and honouring the values of artisan baking. Our drive for innovation led us to connect with farmers from renowned wheat districts of Australia to pioneer the use of single sourced grains in our continued pursuit of baking award-winning products of remarkable character. Nowadays, our reputation is recognised across the Eastern seaboard of Australia by foodservice partners who place quality first and share the same passion for products of distinguished flavour. Hear what the Winner and Judges had to say... Michael Klausen, Co-Founder of Brasserie Bread says: "We are thrilled to have been recognised as the first professional bakery and finalist to win both RAS of NSW President's Medal and the NSW Department of Primary Industries Innovation Award. Winning these awards motivates us to continue with our pursuit of crafting products of high quality and integrity. This is not an individual award but a collective recognition of the hard work and support from all our staff, farmers and industry partners who have been involved on this journey to celebrate the source. Because of their support, today we can now put a loaf of bread on the table and tell you what paddock it is from and that is extremely important!" Judge Michael Bullen, Deputy Director General, Agriculture Department of Primary Industries says: "It was pleasing see Brasserie Bread win the 12th Annual President's Medal and the DPI Innovation Award this year. What set them apart was the focus on the full story from the varieties of wheat grown by the farmer, the relationship to the miller and the focus on how this can come through in the taste of the bread." Judge Ed Halmagyi, Better Homes and Gardens Presenter and Publisher of Roughcut Magazine says: "In the years I have been involved with the RAS and the President's Medal, the quality of finalists has simply soared. This year's winner, Brasserie Bread, exemplifies everything that the competition is about. This is a great Australian company integrating every part of the food production systems, from science, to farm, to design, to processing and even marketing to craft better food with better ingredients and along the way creating a more successful company. Brasserie Bread is providing an extraordinary blueprint for other Australian companies to follow." Read more

Poachers Pantry

Poachers Pantry is a family owned business that began producing artisan smoked meats in 1991. Located on a farm close to Canberra it has built a loyal following through its on-farm restaurant, cellar door and farm shop and is now regarded as a regional food icon for the Canberra district. Poachers’ hot and cold smoked meats are used by chefs and caterers and are available at supermarkets and delis for Australia’s “foodies”. The company not only grows ingredients for its restaurant but also generates 80% of its total power needs through a 125KVA solar power generation system. Read more

Gage Roads Brewing Company

Gage Roads is the strip of ocean that separates Rottnest Island and Fremantle in Western Australia. It’s a home to surfers and swimmers; seagulls and sharks; ships and sailors. It’s a place where you can relax, escape, explore, or seek out adventure. We saw a lot of ourselves in that little spot. That’s why we named our brewery after it. We set up shop in an old margarine factory just outside Fremantle over 14 years ago and we’ve been crafting beer there ever since. We make a range of ales and lagers, all of which are inspired by our place here on the WA coast. Read more

Gundowring Fine Foods

Imagine a place where the air is clean, the water runs crystal clear from snow-capped mountains, and cows graze contentedly on lush green pastures. Gundowring Homestead, the historic 1840’s dairying property belonging to the Crooke family located the Kiewa Valley in north-east Victoria is just such a place. Read more

Black Label Berkshire

At Black Label Berskshire we pride ourselves on being able to control and monitor all stages of production from ‘Paddock to Plate’ which guarantees our customers a consistently delicious, premium pork product. Our Berkshire pigs are bred in Beverley, Western Australia from stud-registered Berkshire pigs and fed grain produced in the surrounding wheatbelt area. We are very proud of our herd pedigree which includes bloodlines from world famous pigs. These bloodlines have consistently won champion ribbons at Royal Shows around Australia and even England, including Supreme Exhibit at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show and 2014 Royal Adelaide Show. Our Berkshire pigs are grown on straw in large open sheds. We do not dock tails or clip teeth and we do not use hormones or prophylactic antibiotics at any stage of production. The pigs are processed in small batches at our family-owned abattoir an hour away to minimise stress and maximise meat quality. Read more

Barossa Fine Foods

The Barossa Fine Foods’ tradition goes back to great uncle Andreas Knoll in Munich in 1924. Followed by nephew Hans who came to Australia, in 1961 opening his own shop Bavaria Smallgoods where Franz learned his craft. In 1991 Franz and Barbara started in the Adelaide Central Market, from small beginnings to becoming Australia's most awarded smallgoods producer, with over 1000 medals. Barossa Fine Foods sources raw materials from local farmer and providores nationally to create the 650 different products in its menu. The family focuses on enhancing people’s lives through its hand crafted foods. Read more
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