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Pacific Reef Fisheries

10th President’s Medal

Pacific Reef Fisheries, QLD

Sashimi Grade Cobia

The Mitris family started Pacific Reef Fisheries in 1998. Over the last 17 years they have built the business to a highly successful prawn and fish farming operation that produces around 1,000 tonnes of seafood per year. Pacific Reef North Queensland Cobia became a part of the business six years ago. This is a new aquaculture species in Australia and was started in partnership with the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. With this new species came many challenges and it has been a steep learning curve over the last six years. However, we are very proud of what has become a real success story that is the result of much hard work by a lot of people.

Pacific Reef Fisheries comment on their President's Medal win:

When they announced we had won, I almost had to pinch myself. I believed in our product, but we were in such esteemed company that we never presumed we would take first place.

Publicity around the awards has been extremely helpful when dealing with new distributors, restaurants and chefs. They have either heard of our cobia because of our achievements or are keen to know more particularly because the President's Medal is such a revered accolade and a known indicator of high-quality produce.

The win will help us continue to grow and ensure we are in the right market. We were just starting to gain a little exposure at prestige events such as the Spring Racing Carnival and Grand Prix in Melbourne but the President's Medal is opening more doors for us, creating a wider range of opportunities for our fine cobia to be featured and enjoyed.

Maria Mitris, Pacific Reef Fisheries - 2015 President's Medal winner

Watch the 2015 President's Medal winner as featured on ABC's Landline